Breeders Classic Winners

The Breeders Classic is a relatively new addition to the Australian horse racing calendar first taking place in 1996. The race has not changed its format since its inception where Destruct was the original winner. Below is a list of the winners over the Breeders Classic short, but sweet, history.

Year Winner
2017 In Her Time
2016 Amicus
2015 Catkins
2014 Catkins
2013 Steps In Time
2012 Steps In Time
2011 More Joyous
2010 Alverta
2009 Hot Danish
2008 Gallant Tess
2007 Pasikatera
2006 Steflara
2005 Winning Belle
2004 Private Steer
2003 Miss Helterskelter
2002 Gwendolyn
2001 Spinning Hill
2000 Staging
1999 My Halo Broke
1998 Arletty
1997 Misty Dawn
1996 Destruct